Youtube, social media and accessibility of more affordable video tech has seen video become even more important for an organisation’s communications and marketing.  This has also heralded a rise in the number of ‘video providers’ and it can be difficult to navigate the choices.  The Otto Studios team are video production, videography and photography experts.  We have been creating dynamic and fresh video & photo content for well over 20 years and continue to provide a creative, professional service for numerous industries.

Otto Studios operates from two locations, with offices in Adelaide, South Australia and Mildura, Victoria.  Since our inception in 1999, we’ve produced videos for a range of industries, advertising and marketing agencies, government departments, corporations and small businesses throughout Australia and internationally.

We have the skills and resources to develop and manage large, complex video production projects from start to finish; or merely to supply a freelance cinematographer, videographer, or crew members to supplement production teams for other agencies or production companies.

Anthony Rizzuto is the Director of Otto Studios.  Anthony’s story began as a Production Manager for a regional TV station back in the ‘90s, where he worked on hundreds of TV commercials, as well as corporate films, documentaries, sports and event coverage, and freelance work which included camera work for news and current affairs.

With a diverse range of skills encompassing cinematography, photogrpahy, post production, sound recording, and graphic design, Anthony has constantly evolved the creative output of the company by combining these with the latest technology and techniques and classic film making principles. His broad skills base has been perfect for working in a small, tight-knit crew of experienced video production staff and specialist contractors.
Anthony is a licensed aerial drone operator and Otto Studios has been nationally accredited with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP).  In an unregulated industry, this guarantees our clients a professional level of service and product for their important investment.

It’s not just about technology.
It’s about creativity, adaptability, experience
and knowing how to tell a story.
Does this sound like what you need?

At Otto Studios, we work with a diverse range of industries and cater for any budget. When capturing your images and telling your story in film, our production team has the experience and creativity to engage your audience and hold their attention. We also regularly contract to other production companies and advertising agencies to provide expert cinematography, editing and creative direction services.

Contact us today to chat about how we can partner with you on your next video project.