Discover the art of time travel with a time-lapse video.
Nothing quite captures the imagination like time-lapse photography.  Whether you wish to record activity covering several hours, months – or even years – Otto Studios specialises in building and installing customised, self-contained solar powered time-lapse cameras. Once the project objectives are identified, equipment is appropriately mounted in key locations to capture all the action.

Time-lapse photography is a unique and practical way to document all sorts of events, such as building constructions, renovations, artwork creation and installations, seasonal changes, or anything else that takes place over extended periods. When setting up time-lapse cameras, Otto Studios devises the best angles to capture your project, and develop a schedule with you to make sure we capture critical milestones along the way.

Once your time-lapse movie is complete, we can incorporate it into other video productions to help tell a complete story, or simply add spark to your project.

We offer time long-term lapse services throughout South Australia and the Mildura region….and we are always happy to travel anywhere to install a time-lapse system. To find out more about our time lapse photography services, get in touch today.