Professional vs Amateur Video Making

Professional vs Amateur Video Making

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million. A high-quality video gives your business exposure that engages with your target audience’s senses while conveying an on-target message about your brand. While most smartphones can shoot video in high definition nowadays, that doesn’t mean just anyone can create professional, business-worthy footage.

Distinguishing between professional vs amateur video making can be pretty obvious in terms of quality. High-quality video production leverages state-of-the-art equipment, professional editing skills, and a keen understanding of storytelling. Working with a professional video production team ensures you get the highest quality content possible.

At Otto Studios, our meticulous video production Adelaide team is ready to handle television commercials, event coverage, live video event hosting, professional film crews, and so much more. With over 20 years of production experience, we can provide your business with simple, effective, and compelling videography to help your business grow.

Work with the professionals at Otto Studios to perfect your newest project by calling 0408 234 155 (international: +61 408 234 155). Let our creative expertise work for you.

Why Hire a Professional Video Production Company?

Video production plays a significant role in marketing as it quickly conveys a message that customers can easily interpret. Working with a professional video production company guarantees you will receive a polished and attractive end product that contains clear audio and appealing visuals. Because we’ve been in this business for decades, we can anticipate your needs and supply you with the perfect video to suit the needs of your business model.

A professional video production company has the appropriate infrastructure that includes high-end equipment, quality editing skills, and years of experience to create the ideal video content for your brand. In addition, a professional videographer understands how to direct you to ensure your message comes across as intended.

Persuasive Imagery

The composition of a camera shot creates dynamic images that tell a story. An amateur video shot on an iPhone with no real direction will never provide the same quality to capture the moment’s finer nuances. Creating an emotional connection in business remains the goal of utilising a professionally produced video as a marketing tool – without this, potential customers are likely to move on.

Top-tier Editing Skills

Editing a video or photo gallery involves more than just sorting through raw footage and stitching it together into a coherent video. High-level editing requires manipulating stills, video, audio, graphics, animation, and text to create a result you can be proud of. Professional vs amateur video making comes down to the editor’s skill level.

High-end Equipment

A professional production company doesn’t come together overnight. It takes years of trial and error, restless all-nighters, and tens of thousands of dollars in high-end equipment. These spendy investments include the best cameras, audio components, lighting gear, and editing software tools.

Professional Lighting

Professional lighting equipment creates a soft ambience that remains consistent throughout a video production, regardless of the time of day. Knowing where to place lighting equipment in relation to the subject requires a professional set of eyes with an acute sense of detail.

Premier Audio Quality

A video invites the interpretation of multiple senses, including sight and hearing. The audio aspects of your video can be just as important as the visuals. Otto Studios creates an entire story with clear, concise audio.

Clear Direction

A professional video production company will not only film and edit your story beautifully but will also provide you with direction for your story. Explaining a specific concept can be challenging for an amateur videographer to translate into a short video or commercial. More likely than not, you’re not side-gigging as an actor and may require clear guidance regarding body language and diction to get your point across.

Typical Pitfalls Associated With Amateur Video Production

Subpar Editing Skills

Creating a slideshow with a soundtrack does not make an amateur video maker a skilful editor. Professional editing software with the added knowledge that only years of experience can provide makes a masterful editor.

While dozens of free editing software programs give hobby video producers the tools to cut footage and add royalty-free music, they will never produce the same quality as professional editing software with a seasoned editor behind the keyboard.

Lack of Equipment

Most amateur video productions do not utilise professional lighting, audio equipment, or top-notch cameras because they haven’t made the investment. Acquiring expensive equipment and quality employees costs a business time and money to find the best options.

No Clear Direction

We all have hundreds of videos of family weddings and other special events on our phones. When we re-watch these videos, we can usually only hear the voice of the person filming, not the marriage vows we were trying to capture. The bride and groom hire a professional videographer to faithfully commemorate the fun, emotion, and bliss of their special day.

Otto Studios Professional Video Production

The differences between professional vs amateur video are like day and night. A beautiful and compelling video requires more than just pointing a camera and pressing “Record.” It takes extensive knowledge and experience with high-quality equipment, the ability to tell a compelling story, and a clear vision of the final product.

A professional video production relates to its audience, sells a product, and creates beautiful imagery through expert equipment and skills. Soft lighting, crystal-clear audio, and perfect colour correction suggest the work of a skilled video production company. These features add value to your proposition by giving your business credibility in the form of quality.

Otto Studios provides professional videography, editing, and live video services for South Australia and Victoria businesses. We provide the highest-quality video production possible, whether you require an entire production team or just a freelance videographer for a small task. Our goal remains to capture the feeling of the moment while delivering a clear message about your business.

To elevate your next project, contact Otto Studios today at 0408 234 155 (international: +61 408 234 155).

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